Seth Sharbono
I'm from central Minnesota. I lived in the middle of nowhere, there wasn't even another building in sight of my childhood home. Of course it makes sense that a week after graduating high school I moved to New York.

I love music. I LOVE music. I LOVE MUSIC. My favorite musicians are Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus. I could go on and on about music but I think it's easier if I just share this Apple Music link to my 'Indubitably Perfect' playlist with some of my favs.

I also love movies, The Silver Linings Playbook has been my favorite movie since I saw if for the first time. Close second is Saving Mr. Banks.

...oh and of course Star Wars.

Ok some more relevant information: I graduated from Parsons School of Design in 2020 with a Bachelors in Communication Design and minor in Culture & Media.

...and I dabble in HTML/CSS/Javascript... Do you like my site? No Squarespace or Wix or any of those other 'do it yourself' sites... cause I actually did this website myself (with a bit of Javascript help from the amazing Shannon Mosley).