Seth Sharbono
Welcome to my site. Designed and coded by moi, with some light Javascript assistance from the lovely Shannon Mosely.

I'm an Art Director at Sony Music in New York. I currently work at Legacy – usually working with previously released products. Sometimes that means reconfiguring a package to a new format. Other times it may be recreating the package when original files couldn't be located (which is very meticulous work, and I adore that kind of challenge). And then there's my favorite kind of project: making an iconic album package extra special for an anniversary reissue.

I really love music, and my favorite artists are Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus. This link to my 'Indubitably Perfect' playlist is a current list of all the songs that deserve your attention right now! (It really truly is a more prestigious list than the Billboard 200...)

I would love to get more opportunities creative directing holistic creative campaigns and developing cohesive art direction on everything from photoshoots, to packaging, music & lyric videos, merch, and other fan-engagement content. If you know of an opportunity or are looking for an ambitious and passionate art director, hit up that 'email me' button up top.

Chat soon ;)